7: Config Management Camp: Kubernetes, Sysdig & Mgmt

I’m back! Sort of.

This is a mono-episode where it’s just me talking about Config Management Camp, a conference held in Gent in February 2017. I recap a few interesting talks and projects I saw.

This is an episode that I recorded in the car. So there might be audio quality concerns and I’m very much looking for feedback on this format: is it hearable? Does it bother you? Should I do more of these recaps?

Please let me know via e-mail at m@ttias.be or on Twitter at @mattiasgeniar.


6.5: SysCast is taking a little break

I wish I didn’t have to bring this message, but I’m fairly certain you already noticed it: there hasn’t been a new SysCast podcast in a while.

I’m taking a bit of a break to organise things, prepare better and overall bring a better show. But that takes time, and time is something I don’t have at the moment.

The plan is to bring SysCast back in a few months. In the meantime, don’t unsubscribe just yet, keep the RSS feed going. In a few months, I hope to be back – full force.

Meanwhile, if you’re craving more open source or linux news, have a look at the weekly newsletter called cron.weekly!

6: Application Security & Cryptography with Scott Arciszewski

For the 6th episode of SysCast I’m joined by Scott Arciszewski.

We talk about PHP, cryptography, securing online applications, cache timing attacks, his CMS called Airship and so much more.

If you like security and crypto, you’ll like this episode!


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Special thanks to Jeroen Flamman (@jflamman) and HPCDude (@bengui122) for cleaning up the audio and removing most of the clicks and background noise!

5: Ansible: config management & deploying code with James Cammarata from Red Hat

In this episode I talk to James Cammarata, head of Ansible core engineering to discuss the Ansible project.

We discuss how it’s used as a config management tool in both a push/pull scenario, how Ansible can be used as a deployment tool and an orchestrator. We touch on the terminology, Red Hat’s acquisition, ideal use cases, how to get started with Ansible, Ansible vs. Puppet and so much more.

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A special thanks for Serge van Ginderachter (@svg on Twitter) for helping prepare this show.

4: Curl, libcurl and the future of the web, with Daniel Stenberg

If you’re a sysadmin or a developer, you’ve probably used curl before. Or some kind of project, like PHP, Python, Ruby, … that uses libcurl. You can thank Daniel Stenberg, creator and maintainer of curl, for that.

In this episode I talk to Daniel about the history of curl and libcurl, we discuss the web and open source, Google’s Quic, LibreSSL vs OpenSSL and so much more. If you’re interested in ‘the web’, this episode is for you!


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3: Managing Secrets with Vault, with Seth Vargo

This 3rd episode of SysCast revolves around secrets: managing API keys, passwords, tokens, … with Hashicorp’s Vault.

I’m joined by Seth Vargo from Hashicorp who explains how Vault works, its internals, different use cases, key management & rollover and lots of interesting details about Vault itself.

If you’re storing your passwords inside your git repository or managing them by hand in yaml/ini files, listen to this episode to learn how Vault can help store credentials more securely and automate secret management for you.

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2: An introduction to Docker with Nils De Moor

In this second SysCast podcast I talk with Nils De Moor about Docker; what is Docker, how does it work, different development workflows and other Docker best practices.

If you’ve ever wanted to know what Docker is and how it can help in your infrastructure, this episode is for you.

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1: Matt Holt, creator of Caddy webserver

(disclaimer: audio quality isn’t super great, I’ll get that fixed for episode #2)

Exciting! This is the very first episode of the SysCast podcast!

I’m very happy to have Matt Holt as my first guest, who created the Caddy webserver.

We talk about the Caddy project, the Go language and community, the unique benefits of Caddy and its Caddyfile, dealing with Pull Requests and so much more.

A couple of lessons learned on my part:

  • stereo recording is useless, everything should be mono (I now merged stereo to mono, but it came at a loss of audio quality)
  • I need to tweak my own recording settings, that’s obvious (it’s a good thing Matt’s voice is clearer than mine)